Why is Everyone Calling Out Riley?



This post is not about the people who post abusive and bigoted shit. I don’t condone any of it nor do I support it. This post was not made for them or to justify their actions.

Riley’s tumblr is not private and they are probably one of the most if not the most read SJ blog on tumblr. Therefore they hold a lot of weight, and it’s foolish to deny that influence. I’m trying to have a discussion and inform people, and Riley’s blog is one of the major blogs spreading misinformation.

Also another thing people like to put up under the rug is that Riley has a long history of pulling this shit. It’s not just anti-SJ blogs who have an issue with Riley. There are people who are fucking hurt by Riley’s words and their actions. Riley refuses to take responsibility for that. Yes no one is perfect, but not everyone is an oppurtunist just using SJ as a way to get attention. Shit, I’ve said some fucked up things in the past, but I have never manipulated or done 1/4 of the shit Riley has done.

This is supossed to be a safe place for me to, as a queer black woman on tumblr. No one should have to worry about being trolled and triggered for calling out Riley.

For all those people criticizing the whole Riley’s army comment y’all know damn well how much influence they have. No one is saying Riley is a puppet master forcing people to do things, we’re saying Riley has a lot of people who think what they say is truth. They’re going to defend Riley because no one wants to believe the stuff they’ve been told is a lie.


is tumblr congress? is it parliment? is Riley a monarchy of an oil-rich country?

what exactly is the nature of all this “INFLUENCE” and such y’all like to go on about riley having?

the influence to have people make tens of blogs dedicated entirely to stalking you? harassing messages on multiple online platforms?

Riley can’t even get tumblr to do something about POC being harassed constantly.

but because they get more reblogs than you suddenly they’re this all powerful being.

as if the people who agree with them are too dumb to think for themselves.

as if tumblr popularity translates into any form of in-real-life power.

and you are so dedicated in your hate for riley you can’t think of anyone els and individual human beings with brains that work except for you. which tells me that yours is probably dead.

fucking hater.

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