Please signal boost this: 18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W is a creeping harasser








18-15n-77-30w reblogged your photo

18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W

ugh, i have a visceral reaction every time i see his name on my dash. he is a fetishizing sick fuck and a stalker who doesn’t know how to leave people alone. and won’t stop what he’s doing :(

i actually didn’t know that about him (cuz I always see him on my dash ) but ill pass this along.

Yeah. He puts his name on every reblog of any black girl, and when anyone tells him to stop (especially when he reblogs their personal pictures), he ridicules them and refuses to do what was requested of him.

yea and he spent almost two hours all on so-treu’s page even tho she asked him more than once to stop going on her page and reblogging her photos.

i suggest everyone who see’s his blog name under other people’s photo’s erase it and remove it if he isn’t the source. cause a lot of those photos are not his and he advertises his blog like it’s anything but his sick spank bank. i like the pictures a lot, don’t get me wrong, but other people do blog those photos and none of them are original.

furthermore, he has reblogged underage girls and not taken them down when asked.

reblogging this in case people forgot.

i am reblogging this yet again. info as to why above. also, since this post has been made, the man behind this blog has been reblogging photos from aquakuntz and liking things on her blog, after she made it clear she does not like his presence there because of how he views Black women only for his sick pleasure. this is harassment and he’s done it to at least 3 other Black women bloggers I know and myself, liking posts by them after calling him out on his bullshit. he also said nothing as bloggers attacked eclecticspectrum (who i don’t get along with but doesn’t deserve that) for speaking out about him, which he is partially for responsible and egged on.

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